Machines and Components for Automation and Production Applications

Since 1973, Automation Engineering Company has been the largest Northeast distributor/representative of machines and components used for automation and production applications.

Machine Tool Components

Chip Processing


Machine Bases
Hinged Steel Belt
Drill and Tap Holders
Wire Mesh Conveyors
Thru Coolant Holders
Dial Plates
Chip & Parts Handling Conveyors
CNC Tool Holder Systems
Milling & Grinding Spindles
Filterveyor Conveyor/Filter System
DA Collets
Slide Assemblies
Filtration Systems
Floating Tap Collets
Drill and Tap Units
Chip Processing Systems
ER Collets and Nuts
Drill and Tap Heads
Swarf Dewartering Systems
Roller Burnishing Tools
Drill and Tap Machines
Chip Crushers and Shedders
Automatic Back Spotfacing
Multi-Spindle Drill & Tap Heads
Chip Wringers
Machining Heads
Coolant Pumps
Speed Increasers
Pumping Systems
Right Angle Machining Heads
Intermittent Motion Index Drives
Index Systems
Dial Tables
Rotary Index Tables