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A robust unit with milling capability and the flexibility of interchangeable tooling adaptors for drills, taps, end mills, shell mills etc.

Increases spindle speed for modern materials. Can be supplied with R8, 30,40,50 and other drive tapers for both manual and ATC machines.

Maintenance free sealed unit with manual and auto took change capability and with a choice of drive tapers. max speed 6,000 rpm.

A high speed, versatile machine designed for multi-spndle tapping of handleable components in various materials, fast cycle times.

We manufacture many workholding and slide products includeing Econo-Slides (above) and the Temcon Co-ordinate Positioning Table.

We design and manufacture solutions for special applications, working to the highest specificaions within available working parameters.

Centreline's range of VDI toolholders for CNC turning and milling centres are manufactured to precision levels far in excess of DIN 69 880.

We design and manufacture custom tooling to meet individual needs, such as the double sided right angle head above.
Special Right angle four spindle multi-drilling head. Axil and radial heads with a 2:1 ratio. Special extended length right agnle milling head. Off centre drilling/milling units and four-spindle head.
The Centrinel randy of geared adjustable multi-heads from Centreline offers a range of adjustment never before possible with heads ot this size and weight.

A unique planetary movement of each spindle allows spindles to be placed anywhere. An accurately bored cluster plate is used for each hole pattern to mount the spindles and lock them in place, assuring speed and precision in setting up. Versions are available for both manual and Automatic Toll Change (ATC) machines.
Simple in concept and easy to use, Centinel leads the fields in multi-head design.

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