Automation Engineering Company Services

Precision Spindle and Slide Rebuild and Remanufacturing through the SETCO Performance "Plus" Rebuild Network:

SETCO, a world leader in spindle and slide rebuild, services all makes, models and sizes, domestic or foreign. SETCO has fully equipped and dedicated service centers that are convenient to major manufacturing areas in the USA.

SETCO offers the best warranty in the industry, providing a FULL YEAR WARRANTY on all rebuild services. The rebuild proccess begins with disassembly and inspection of all the components for damage and wear to prepare a firm, detailed quotation for your review. Once approved, the various component parts are replaced or remanufactured to OEM specifications. The unit is then thoroughly tested under simulated operating conditions. You can rely on SETCO for all your spindle and slide rebuilding needs!

Factory Authorized Rebuilding of Sugino and Hypneumat Drill and Tap Units

Units are disassembled, cleaned and inspected for damaged and worn parts. A detailed quotation is prepared and once accepted, factory component parts are used to bring the units back as close to factory specifications as possible. Units are then run tested and tolerances are checked to insure that these units are remanufactured to factory standards.

Refurbishing and Rebuilding of Machine Tool Chip Conveyors





All makes and models of Machine Tool Chip conveyors from drag out, hinged steel belt, pusher or screw type, are serviced through our shop in Torrington CT. We have the expertise to put your chip handling equipment back to nearly original factory condition at a substantial cost savings of a new conveyor.

Typical repairs consist of replacing sections of the conveyor casing that are worn or damaged, and includes replacing roller tracking for chain or belting. Component parts and guarding for the drive, chain or belting are replaced with factory components or remanufactured parts. the refurbishing process begins with cleaning, disassembly, inspecting the components for damage and wear, and a detailed, firm quotation for your review. Once approved, the rebuild process begins. Upon completion the conveyor is then painted to your specifications, if required, and tested under power.

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